Do You Write Press Releases

You know, when your business grows, it can be a wonderful thing to celebrate your success by informing the world through a press release. It gives you a great feeling of satisfaction and pride that you have done what is right to ensure future success. But many don’t really know the power of a press release and it’s ability to help you rank better.

See, if you were to search for a particular news topic using the search engines, Yahoo and Google will post the most recent information first before going to their rankings. And they get that information from the press releases that we write. So in fact, it is possible to have the #1 spot in the search engines very quickly without a lot of effort. In many cases, this happens quickly and often benefits you with a lot of backlinks.

So what do you write about. Your business is unique. You have your own niche and you know the customers you are targeting. So write about how your business solves the problems of your target market. Describe the revolutionary way in which you are unique and how your process is different and highly targeted.

Most importantly, you want your press release to be intriguing. Why else do you pick up the newspaper to read an article? Because the author or reporter has written it in a way that makes you want to read it while presenting the information that you desire most at the right place. It’s not always about what you are writing, but how you present it. Your article could be about different ways that your restaurant can cook ramen noodles, and I might still read it and follow up on it because you, the author, write it in a way that makes me want to dine there.

Do a search on the best ways to write an present a press release. Many of the articles you will find have been written by reporters and companies that have had success in using press releases to their advantage. And make sure you keep an open mind. Creativity is difficult to grasp sometimes.

Once you have your press release, you want to submit it several different places. First and formost, you want to make sure you place it somewhere on your website. Outside of that you should submit it to article directories, and to press release websites. For a good example of article directories, read my previous post on article submissions. And for a few good examples of press release websites, check out these:

These are very good examples of press release submission companies that give you options. The most important factors you should focus on are whether or not they submit to search engines and how wide their submission spread is. With that information, I believe you should be successful in submitting to the right company.

Keep in mind, that not every search engine optimization campaign will be successful. But with a little bit of determination and some guidance you can be successful.