New Website: Wilson Kehoe Winingham

This past week we put the finishing touches on a brand new website revamp for our friends at Wilson Kehoe Winingham. WKW is a prestigious law firm based in Indianapolis that focuses on helping their clients through a variety of litigation cases including, personal injury, medical malpractice, burn injuries, birth injuries, boating accidents, defective medical devices, construction accidents and much more. They’re consistently rated as one of the top law firms in Indiana.

They came to InspireMedia needing a revamp on their existing website. They wanted to really take their image to the next level and stand out among their competition.

Project Goals:

  1. The website needed to be eye-catching and modern.
  2. It needed to be mobile friendly.
  3. It needed to be easy to update and support future growth without having to make major changes to the site.

What we did:

We started off building the site with a WordPress content management system, to allow them the capability to manage the content at their convenience. WKW was already using a WordPress site, so they were already familiar with how to use manage their content and blog. From there, we utilized a customized WordPress template design to give the right visual appeal in addition to making the site responsive mobile friendly for mobile phones and tablets. We coordinated on a number of aspects of the content. For some pages, we utilized the existing scaffold and layout that was provided in the theme design. For other pages, we revamped the content entirely, including adding call-to-actions on every page. Working together with their custom designer, Lori from Pure Design, we developed custom solutions including some very interactive service call-outs on the home page and integration of hosted video galleries. We even developed a custom email template based off their existing site design that was integrated into MailChimp for their future email campaigns.

Also, as part of the process, we migrated WKW to a much faster VPS server so that we could improve their page load time and give them greater security and management of their website moving forward. The result was an incredibly fast and attractive website that is sure to improve their conversion rate and give them a leg up over their competition for many years.

Check out their new site:

Check out some of the screenshots of the design below:

wkw_1 wkw_2 wkw_3 wkw_4 wkw_5