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New Site: A Touch Of Elegance

InspireMedia has launched a new site this week! A Touch of Elegance is a mother/daughter event coordination team. They contacted InspireMedia needing a new custom design for their site. Not only did we give them a new custom design,...


Blog Marketing

I follow a lot of different blogs. So much so that I don’t always have the time to keep up with them via Google Reader. But I ran across this post tonight and I thought it too good not...


Very Good Words From a Very Good Vlogger

One of the vloggers that I follow, PhillyD, made a very good post to his blog on motivation today. In it, he says “Keep in mind, just because you want something, everything will not fall into place. If you...


What Websites Do I Follow?

So, following up on my RSS post, I wanted to give you guys access to the blogs and websites that I follow on a regular basis. So I decided the other day that I would make my blogroll available...


Contest Ends This Weekend! Vote Today!

Some of you may know and even follow my wife’s blog at Lately, she’s been in the running for the top spot as WRTV’s A List in the Wedding Photography category. For those of you who might not...