Blog Marketing

I follow a lot of different blogs. So much so that I don’t always have the time to keep up with them via Google Reader. But I ran across this post tonight and I thought it too good not to share. In this day and age, a lot of marketers focus on the SEO benefits of blogs and how search marketing is going to be a huge portion of incoming traffic.

I no doubt believe that there are various SEO benefits of blogs with company websites, but when it comes to marketing a blog itself outside of a company (ex: TechCrunch, Go2web2, Mashable, etc), there are other factors that come into play. John Chow talks about the concepts that make a blog memorable. It’s not about having a huge marketing budget that makes a website memorable (although it can be helpful in bringing in a lot of traffic). What really matters is a handful of factors including having the right design, the right concept, good content, and frequent updates.

It’s a great read, I just wanted to share it.