Finding your website niche

Who is your target client?

To know your target client is to know the future of your company and where you want to be. This is not just a random question. It’s a decision that’s absolutely pivotal to the success of your company.

Knowing who you target not only gives you focus to find the best avenue to reach your client, but it also helps you avoid markets that don’t add value to your business.

For instance, say you like focusing on wedding photography, but you dislike product photography. It’s true that there are different avenues to reach your target client and it’s pretty clear where the distinction is (you’d obviously be targeting wedding advertisements to reach your client). But what if you only liked photographing weddings where the client’s personality is more like yours. This is a much tighter niche and it takes a bit more thought and experience to weed out the marketing avenues that don’t work for you.

Determining your niche also affects your website as well. Having a weak target niche can mean that the marketing message and imagery that you show on your website can literally be out of sync with the client that you want the most. This can lead to wasted time trying to qualify clients that you don’t really want to work with and can even cause your target clients to never contact you.

This is one of the benefits to our approach. We look not only at how you’re currently marketing but we also seek to help you target your niche client with the right marketing message and imagery. This results in better clients and more time for you to spend doing what you love.

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