Big Day for Apple, Frustrating for Some

So today’s the day. Apple released the new 3G iPhone. What is 3G, you might ask? 3G stands for 3rd generation. It’s a better technology that enables more efficient use of network capacity while allowing faster network access for smart phones. The new iPhone was slated to be cheaper than the original and employ the new 3G technology. Reportscame in of long lines of people (some of which started waiting on Wednesday night) who wanted to be the first to get their hands on the new iPhones. Some happy and patient people were rewarded… many weren’t.

Today also proved to be frustrating for many as two big problems plagued Apple. The first of which was the activation problems with the iPhones trying to update to the new 3G activators. The last step in the process was for the phones to connect to the iTunes App Store which was overloaded and couldn’t handle the traffic. The result was a bunch of bricked iPhones that couldn’t be used until the Apple network traffic died down.

The second was the upgrade issue with the iPod Touches (which I have). Apple made links available for iPod Touch users to upgrade to the 2.0 firmware (which enables the iPod Touch users the ability to add apps from the App Store), but it turned out to be dead, leading to a page that didn’t exist in the iTunes Store. Reports then came in that the link was made available, but when I tested out the update, nothing really happened. I spoke to an Apple rep who mentioned that the update was being taken offline and would be restored shortly. Hopefully I’ll have some good news to report on it shortly.