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Resize at Upload Plus: WP Plugin Memory Limit

For our WordPress clients, we use a plugin called Resize at Upload Plus to ensure that any images that are uploaded are immediately resized to a manageable size. Using a tool like this is a practical solution when you...


Upgraded to WordPress 2.6

Okay, I’m a big nut for security on my blog, so I just upgraded my blog software to WordPress 2.6. If you noticed my site down for a short period, that was the reason. Since this is a new...


SixApart Releases BlogIt

Yesterday SixApart, the creators of the popular TypePad blogging system released a Facebook application called BlogIt that allows you to blog simple posts and have the post published to your blog, whether it be through TypePad, WordPress, Blogger, Movable...


Just Upgraded to WordPress 2.5

I’ve been behind when it comes to upgrading my WordPress blogging platform. In fact, they just released their version 2.5 of their system and I was still on version 2.1.3. So, I made the leap and decided to upgrade....