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Just Upgraded to WordPress 2.5

I’ve been behind when it comes to upgrading my WordPress blogging platform. In fact, they just released their version 2.5 of their system and I was still on version 2.1.3. So, I made the leap and decided to upgrade....


Yahoo Joins Google and Supports OpenSocial

I received a press release today from Yahoo announcing their support for Google’s OpenSocial platform, an expansive application platform designed to extend the reach of social network applications to multiple networks. Currently, OpenSocial is supported by a number of...


Google Docs and Linkedin Get A Design Upgrade

Two websites that I frequent made design changes on Friday. Google, changed their Google Docs editor design to streamline and simplify the look. The result… it looks a bit like Office 2003, but I like it. The other website...


Oh My! Google Responds

Google made a new post on their official blog today responding to Microsoft’s $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo. While Google has been patient in responding thus far (not wanting to show their colors early), they made quite a bold...


Facebook Makes Changes To Their Development Platform

I was reading through my feed reader tonight and ran across a particularly interesting story from Nick O’Neill. He reported yesterday that Facebook made some changes to their application developement platform that enabled the use of your created applications...


Congratulations Crunchies 2007 Winners

Last night Techcrunch held their annual Crunchies awards. The recap is here (they should have video live soon). Below are the websites that I use that were awarded last night. Congrats to all of them: Best Overall: Facebook —...