New Website Launch: Brian Whitis DJ

Brian Whitis is a professional DJ entertainer who originally came to InspireMedia in the midst of a re-brand. Not only was he making overall changes with his business, but he was also looking to make a big change with his web site. His old site was several years old and didn’t match the vision he wanted for his new target clientele. In addition, Brian had very specific needs for his project.

Project Goals:

  1. The website needed to be eye-catching and showcase the often missed visual aspect of the services that he offers.
  2. It needed to be mobile friendly.
  3. It needed to be easy to update and support future growth without having to make major changes to the site.
  4. It needed to integrate his contact forms into his CRM & event planning system.
  5. And, it needed to offer ways for his current clients to sign into his event planning system.

What we did:

We started off building the site with a WordPress content management system, to allow Brian the capability to manage the content at his convenience. From there, we utilized a customized WordPress template design to give the right visual appeal in addition to making the site responsive mobile friendly for mobile phones and tablets. We then built in categorized photo galleries to showcase the visual aspect of his services and selected the best images to showcase the services and create an enticing call to action for the home page. Each page is accompanied with a targeted call to action and the lead generation contact form was integrated into his CRM system to further improve the automation of his lead management.

Overall, the site looks beautiful. Not only is it one of the more aesthetically pleasing sites we’ve had a chance to work with, but Brian also let us know that it’s already making waves with his clients. Check out the testimonial he sent us below:

“You will be glad to know had a meeting over the weekend and the couple said I had the BEST Website!”
~Brian Whitis

If you’re in the market for a new website or are having trouble generating business from your existing website, click here to contact us. We can help you!