New Website Launch: Sages Simple Syrups

Sages Simple Syrups is a company that developed a product line of incredible simple syrups for use in cocktails and mocktails. They came to us because they needed a way to sell their products online and wanted a solution that was eye-catching, mobile friendly and would allow for the automatic calculation of shipping and would support coupons and product variations.

Project Goals:

  1. The website needed to be eye-catching and modern.
  2. It needed to be mobile friendly.
  3. It needed to be easy to update and support future growth without having to make major changes to the site.
  4. It needed to handle the entire order process from beginning to end.

What we did:

We started off building the site with a WordPress content management system, to allow them the capability to manage the content at their convenience. From there, we utilized a customized WordPress template design to give the right visual appeal in addition to making the site responsive mobile friendly for mobile phones and tablets. Then, on top of the content management system, we built a specialized ecommerce system that not only helped them to manage their orders with ease, but also manage their products and their variations just as easily. The site features coupon management and payment integration using Quickbooks Merchant Services. We built a complete system that manages the whole experience from beginning to end.