New Website: Tyler Mason

Tyler Mason has been one of our most loyal clients. They started with InspireMedia back when we were just getting started… pretty amazing. They came to us because they needed to step up their game. They have incredible services and they wanted their website to stand out. They had done a few stylistic photo shoots to showcase their work and they wanted to make a bold statement.

Project Goals:

  1. The website needed to be eye-catching and modern.
  2. It needed to be mobile friendly.
  3. It needed to be easy to update and support future growth without having to make major changes to the site.

What we did:

We started off building the site with a WordPress content management system, to allow them the capability to manage the content at their convenience. From there, we utilized a customized WordPress template design to give the right visual appeal in addition to making the site responsive mobile friendly for mobile phones and tablets. The design that the client ended up going with showcased the high resolution images from their style shoots in a way that no other layouts could… front and center. In fact, those images became the individual background photos of all the inner pages of the site.