New Site: Shoot Fore Sammi

We’ve been honored to have been able to create a new custom site for Shoot Fore Sammi, a non-profit organization and golf event helping to raise funds and awareness for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (or SIDS). The organization plans and operates a golf tournament that raises money for the SIDS Center of Indiana.  For this new site, we did a custom design, and a content management system (so they will be able to edit the site themselves). We also integrated the site with Paypal and Eventbrite for faster management of their event, registration of the golfers and teams, donations and sponsorships.

Being a past participant in other SIDS events, I was truly excited to be able to work with Heather, the founder of Shoot Fore Sammi, on the planning and development of this new site.

Heather was so excited for the launch of the new site, that she had this to say, “The website is awesome!!! To most, it will seem as though you simply created a website, but to me, you are helping to keep my daughter’s memory alive and in turn helping my dream come to life.  I know this sounds so cheezy, but its the truth. Thank you for all your hard work through all of this!!!”

You’re welcome Heather!