Haiti Relief

It seems that most everyone knows someone who has been affected by the massive 7.3 earthquake in Haiti. I myself have a friend who’s family started a hospital in Port Au Prince. I couldn’t help wonder what was going through his mind as he searched the photos of the destruction looking for any confirmation that the hospital might still be standing. The news out of Haiti has been a grim reminder that this can happen just about anywhere in the world.

But out of this tragedy, social media had helped to fuel a windstorm of support and donations for the area. A brief time spent on Twitter tonight and you’ll quickly see the tweets and retweets of all the various causes offering relief for the area.

Corporate America is also stepping up to lend their support. Home Depot and Lowes have both pledged donations for Haiti Relief.

For those looking to pledge their support in any way to the victims of the Haiti Earthquake, here are a few of the top places you should look:

  1. The Red Cross is pledging an initial $1 Million for relief. You can donate online, through their toll free number (1-800-RedCross) or you can send a $10 donation by texting “Haiti” to 90999.
  2. Living Water International is planning a coordinated response to help bring clean water into the area. The Executive Director of LWI has said, “In Haiti, clean water is a terrible problem even at the best of times. After a quake like this, it’s a crisis of epic proportions.”
  3. It’s been rumored on Twitter that American Airlines is offering to fly doctors and nurses into Haiti for relief free of charge. For more information call 212-697-9767.

Other ways you can help:

World Concern: http://www.worldconcern.org/

World Vision: http://www.worldvision.org/

Mercy Corps: http://www.mercycorps.org/

Update: For those interested in up to the minute updates, here’s a link to someone on the ground in Haiti, that’s reporting on Twitter: http://twitter.com/RAMhaiti/