Firefox 3: The Hype & The Record

For weeks now, Mozilla, makers of the popular Firefox browser have been involved in a grassroots campaign to fulfill a goal. Their focus, was to set a record for the most downloads of a software in 24 hours. Marketing to the masses of users who utilize their software, Mozilla set the date for this past Tuesday afternoon and pulled the trigger. Aside from some early problems getting to the site due to the masses of people attempting to download the software, the event known by many as Download Day went off successfully. In fact, some eager users were posting the download link well in advance of the wide availability of the download page.

In the end, the folks at Mozilla did an impressive job promoting the event and surpassed even their own goals. They wrapped up the 24 hours with an impressive 8.3 million downloads of Firefox 3. Their original goal was 5 million. As of right now, they’ve reached 11.7 million downloads of the software. That’s impressive by any measure!

For those unfamiliar with the popular browser, Firefox is quite possibly the best browser out there. It’s faster, it can be improved upon with the addition of third-party plug-ins, skins and add-ons, because of it’s open-source nature, it can be utilized on a number of different operating systems and platforms including Mac and Linux distributions, and it creates a better browsing experience.

Here’s the link to the download page…

Firefox 3