Bad Customer Service at S&K Menswear

Okay, I don’t normally post bad reviews, but I just had a really bad experience at S&K Menswear. There is something to be said for customer service, especially when you are earning a commission. I even had a good experience last time I bought a suit there, but this trip undid it all and turned me away from their brand.

I promise I won’t go into specifics, but I will say that not only was I treated poorly, but the salesperson made a spectacle of it with his coworkers and other customers and he continued to do so several times. I was so appalled that I decided that it was better to buy from someone else, even if that competitor was more expensive.

Now this isn’t to say that I would have had this experience at one of their other stores. It could have been one bad apple. But that’s all it takes to create that image in the consumers mind. Good customer service is essential, even if you’re not dealing directly with a consumer and is rewarded with customer loyalty. Bad customer service can hurt you beyond measure.

I guess I’ll just find a suit elsewhere!

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