Blogging Made Easier

I happened to stumble across a new Firefox plug-in tonight that will definitely help me blog faster and easier. It’s called ScribeFire and it allows you to quickly and easily make a post about a website straight from the website. For example, to test out this new plug-in, I went to my previous post and told ScribeFire to make a new post of that page. It opened up a handy split screen that allows me to quickly type a post with a WYSIWYG editor. It even allows me to link to images or upload them to my custom WordPress blog.

It works with all sorts of blogging platforms and even custom ones as long as you have the RPC link that allows external posting to your blog.

So if you’re a blogger, check it out (link above). You might find it a lot faster than what you’re already doing.

Very Good Words From a Very Good Vlogger | InspireMedia Blog

(and yes… I did use the plug-in to make this post)