Congratulations Crunchies 2007 Winners

Last night Techcrunch held their annual Crunchies awards. The recap is here (they should have video live soon). Below are the websites that I use that were awarded last night. Congrats to all of them:

Best Overall: Facebook

— I said not too long ago that social networking would be huge in 2008. I believe that not only will Facebook lead the way, they’ll top Myspace in 2008 (just my opinion).

Best Video Startup: Hulu

— I agree completely with this one. They had a slow and rough start, but the service is very cool.

Best International Startup: Netvibes

— This has got to be one of the best sites for organizing external content feeds.

Best Mobile Startup: Twitter

— This service I rarely use (mainly because of time constraints), but the concept behind it is great.

Best Consumer Startup: Meebo

— I love this service, mainly because it allows for the use of multiple chat platforms using an online webtop.

Best Enterprise Startup: Zoho

— Zoho made the list of websites that I use quite frequently. Their Zoho Creator service is extremely useful for creating custom applications and can now even be used as the backbone database for existing emterprise applications.

Most Likely to Succeed: Automattic (WordPress)

— In case you’re wondering… this is a WordPress blog and a lot of professional bloggers use WordPress as the backbone of their blogging system.

Again, congratulations to everyone that received an award last night.