Google Algorithm Change… A Sign Of What’s To Come?

An interesting tidbit I found when I was reading articles today. Aparently Google search results showed preference for more recent content Tuesday. The 1st was the 25th anniversary of TCP/IP and on the search results page, Google displayed results that were very recent, including some news items from featured on Digg.

The question we all want answered is: How will this affect search results in the future? For instance, in today’s search marketing world, sites rely on a number of factors to help them rank higher for keywords. One of these factors is the number of inbound links that a particular page on a website receives. If Google begins to shift their focus to more recent content, the factor of inbound links becomes a less important factor, if not irrelevant. (Although at least one person has suggested that Google could be calculating inbound links in real time rather than over time).

For right now, though, any immediate or recent results that appear in Google seem to be temporary in nature. That means, for now, inbound links and internal optimization is still the way to go.