Blogging or Vlogging… which is better

Many in the blogosphere have taken steps to give you another method to subscribe and access their unique content dubbed vlogging. Vlogging or video blogging is just what it sounds like. Blog authors create videos as their posts and add them to their blog or upload them via a third party software service like YouTube. It adds a new creative medium into the web 2.0 world that is expanding almost daily. And with blogging technology the way it is currently, it is simple to add videos to your blog.

Traditional blogging is nice because it allows you to create content that can help you compete for keywords.

Vlogging is nice because while often times bloggers begin blogging because they hope to show their consumers a “different side” of their business, vlogging offers the consumer the chance to know you better. Vlogging allows the consumer to see you, your mannerisms, personality and charisma. With blogging, the consumer has to put the peices together as they read along. Plus, it’s now easier than ever to begin to embed video ads into your content. This allows you to generate ad revenue on videos that you create. Third party software doesn’t yet allow the addition of custom ads into your content, but the technology is fast being developed to allows you to create the video and control the advertising content in the video you post, netting you valuable ad revenue dollars, especially if a video goes viral such as the bubble video I posted a little while ago.

The downside to vlogging is the loss of valuable content that helps you compete with other websites for the keywords and search traffic that can add a significant amount to your bottom line. This can make vlogging a good and bad thing.

But if you’re not worried about search traffic and you want to give it a try. Check out a few video podcasts on iTunes and find a few video blogs that you like and try it out for yourself. Most vloggers that I have come across will upload their videos to YouTube and use the code generated or the link to the video to embed it into their website or blog.

And if you have questions about vlogging or need help learning how to do it, send me a email through my contact form, here.