Websites I Can’t Live Without: Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator

I’m a developer by nature. Someone gives me a problem, often times, I can think of a development solution. But solutions can come at a price, whether it be time or resources. So for me a piece of software that can duplicate simple data driven solutions is a big plus. In walks Zoho Creator, a simple solution for simple database needs. No, it doesn’t replace a SQL Server or work as a RDBMS, but for a lot of simple database problems, it can be a very powerful solution.

For example, say you have a client with a lot of archived forms, you need an issue tracker for a major development project, a project list to manage the progress of current projects across multiple developers, designers, DBA’s, etc and you need a simple CRM that you can easily customize. Zoho can do all this and more. in addition, you can share the Creator apps with other users allowing you to work together with other users and embed the forms into your own site using an iframe instance.

Plus, you can even export the data into xls, csv, html , JSON, and tsv. (which comes in handy with their other new service Zoho DB)

And because it’s a web app, it’s an easy way to approach cross platform project collaboration.

The main reason, though, that I love this app is because it’s CUSTOMIZABLE. If there isn’t a field that I need, I add it. If there’s a extraneous field, I remove it. The nature of the app is completely a my discretion and it’s simple for me to customize it using their online editor, or coding it manually using their powerful deluge script.

I use Zoho daily. In fact it’s the only way I choose to collaborate on a large scale because I can mold the app to my needs and it’s built to handle it.