Gizmoz 3D Avatars

I for one used to think the website avatars like SitePal that would be so harsh with language and graphics. I mean it’s nice to have something like that on your website to greet potential customers, but the application was more for the social genre and less as a business application.

I got my first peek at a service that revolutionizes the way these avatars are created and honestly… it blew me away! I learned about it through the TechCrunch post. The company is called Gizmoz and they specialize not only in creating these avatars, but making them personal. Their technology is such that they take a photo of you and create a 3D representation of it and mix it together with your voice. The result is astounding! The level of detail is incredible! The application of this is still more social as they have widgets for leaving an answering machine message and it’s geared more for the Myspace crowd. But the application of it can be applied to small business owners who just want something different and I expect this company will make widgets that help with that.

If I had a microphone I’d put some audio with it, but I’ll upload mine if I get a chance.