New Service… Online Reputation Monitoring

Imagine this… it’s 12 noon. You are just a month away from a major product launch. All estimates say that your product, out of the hundreds of similar products, will already garner more than 1% of the market the day it launches. Everything, in your mind, is great.

Suddenly, an editor from a popular blog that garners a major readership receives a bogus email from a supposed “trustworthy” source at your company, that the product you will launch in a month will not be released for another 5-6 months. Not missing a beat, they post the information to their blog and within moments it spreads like wildfire across the net. It spreads so fast that within less time than it takes you to brush your teeth, your company’s stock has lost $4 billion in market cap.

Think this is just a story? You’re wrong! Just last week the editors at Engadget received this same email talking about Apple’s iPhone, saying that it wouldn’t be released to the public until the Fall when the company is scheduled to release it next month. What happened? In 6 minutes the company lost $4 billion in market cap! Can you imagine?

The power of the online publicist is powerful. An angry blogger can tear a company down in a matter of minutes as we’ve seen and the readership can lead all the way from Wall Street to your front door. So with all this in mind, how do you combat this and stay ontop of your reputation with bloggers, the media, and your customers.

It’s simple… Online Reputation Monitoring.

We now offer a service to help you know when good, bad or indifferent news, opinions, and information is available online. With the success of blogs and RSS, it’s possible to be able to know within moments of new items concerning you or your company are made available. With Online Reputation Monitoring, you can be alerted instantly and more importantly react quicker to information that affects your business.

Like in the instance of Apple. Within 6 minutes the damage was done, but because of good contacts in the industry and quick reaction, their stock rebounded in the same amount of time.

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