Countdown til Christmas… Yes, I said Christmas!

It’s weird how things seem to sneak up on you. I am in the midst of my Christmas shopping and realized… 67 days until Christmas. Yes, Christmas. It seems just yesterday the days were sunny and 90 and now the nip in the air has returned. Oh well, here come the days of eggnog and snow. Of Black Friday and wrestling matches over new game systems or the newest Tickle Me Elmo (Which is new again this year). Alas, I desire to finish my shopping early this year in favor of enjoying a wonderful season.

Oddly enough, Winter is always my favorite time of year, not just for the celebration of Christmas, but for the family and the sleigh rides.

Anyway, back to the present. If you haven’t started your shopping… get those lists together!

Midnight Madness… Here I come!