Who’s Using Ajax?

No, I'm not talking about the bathroom cleaner, although I personally prefer Scrubbing Bubbles and some SoftScrub. But, no, I am talking about the newest web technology for a better User Interface and faster user experience.

It's full name, in case many of you don't know, is Asyncronous Javascript and XML (AJAX). It's a method of binding XML to Javascript to make one seamless experience. Instead of actually making a round trip to the server to reload an entire page, the page just makes a trip to the server to get only the items that are necessary to complete the task.

I'm currently looking into other technologies related to it such as Jibx (Javascript bound to XML) to see how they square up to Ajax, but it's becoming more and more difficult to find anything that compares. Most developers who like the technology, prefer Ajax and additions have been made toexisting technologies, such as asp.net to incorporate this technology without giving up server security. I do know there are cureently two different versions of this additive. One is called Atlas and seems to be strictly for the .net 2.0 framework, and the other is called ajax.net developed by Michael Schwartz and does include support for the .net 1.1 framework but only in c# for the time being (I'll post a link when I have the chance).

 So really, I am curious what all of you think about it? Are you looking into it? Are you programming in it? What's your take? I'm interested to see what you have to say…