Okay, so I finally received an invite for Google Page Creator. Okay, it wasn’t really an invite, they were just telling me that I can access my new account. Technically they are still locked up with so many of the new users since they announced the creation of the new service,b ut they are allowing people on one by one, so if you’ve previously requested an account with them, be patient. They’ll get to you soon!

Anyway, I got to try it all out and made a quick little page. Check it out! Overall, I thought it was a nice application if the Ajax technology they’ve been using in all of their services. It was very fast and user friendly. The only drawback is that you can’t post it to a certain hosting account or domain name. You have limited control on the code side, which I personally don’t like because I like to seperate the CSS from the actual functional or presentation side. Plus you have to post it to a googlepages domain.

I envision that this is probably just a first step for the technology. Google is just getting their feet wet and I’m sure they’ll come out with some sort of commerical version (possibly for a fee) that’ll allow you to publich to a certain domain and hosting via ftp. Keep your eyes open on this one. I give it a 3 out of 5! But, man, is it well put together.