2-13-06 News & Updates

Hey everyone,
Happy Day Before Valentines Day! I hope that all the guys have already gotten something for your love because as of tonight, you won’t be able to. And ladies, be nice to those guys who may sometimes forget.

Anyway, here is todays update and headlines for you all to enjoy. I’ve received a lot of great stories for everyone to check out so hop to it.

Today’s Headlines from Search Engine Watch (Headlines sent via SEW, links are directed to publishers)

Imagine how much Google made off it…
Online Publishers Made an Estimated $1 Billion+ From Google AdSense in 2005: How to Get Your Share

Making money the Google way…
Auto Dealers Get Wise To Search Engine Marketing

More options available…
Google Opens Bidding for Print Media

Google Desktop Search Tool Stokes Privacy Fears

Now this story is interesting…
Microsoft Rebrands MSN To Focus On Content

News Headlines From eMarketer

**Very Good** (Helps explain the MSN rebranding story above)
Still Searching (Search Engine Usage Ratings)

Headlines from iMedia

Where to spend my marketing dollars???
Yahoo Tops Google in Purchase Influence

That’s it for now. Hope you guys enjoy the reading!