Search Engine Commentary

Okay, a lot happened today. Almost too much for me to comment on. Not only did Google announce it’s partnership with Motorola and Intel, but Yahoo announced almost the exact thing as well. So far, 2006 is shaping up to be a very big year of partnerships and growth, not only in the search engine results world, but also in the content wars between Google and Yahoo. In my opinion, it looks like this will be a constant theme in the beginning of 2006.

So it looks like my content suggestion from my earlier post still remains true. If you want to make it big in 2006 in the realm of SEM, make sure you have the ability to publish a lot of original content. And make sure that content is not just text based information, but media content! You will have the ability to share and sell that content in the new Google Video Marketplace as listed in a previous post.

Also, a little off topic:
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