A New Year: A New Strategy

I have to admit, I too get caught up in the New Years cliche’s. Kissing your loved one within the first minute, making resolutions, changing yourself and what you do. Call it crazy, but life just isn’t the same without them.

I don’t know what your resolutions were for the upcomoing year, but I doubt they include anything to do with your search engine placement or web design, or should they. While the oft quoted “lose weight” resolution can seem daunting, making small changes to improve your rankings can seem almost too easy.

Attempting to change your SEM strategy is often so simple and powerful that a couple of small changes could affect the outcome (positive or negative) for the entire year and beyond. So while you are putting together those lists of to-do’s and setting goals for another year, make sure to examine your search engine marketing strategy and make that a resolution. It may be easier than you think to have success in this area.

So here’s to another prosperous and successful year!