Simplicity and SEO: The Sitemap

Search engine optimization shouldn’t be a chore. SEO is, to many, fun. I know many business and website owners who enjoy watching their back-links change from day to day. In addition, SEO should be simple. Too many business owners have become burnt out trying to ensure maximum optimization. But in the end, you need to focus on the basics. Those basics are the key to your success, everything else is fluff. One of those basics is to help ensure the search engines can get to every one of your pages. This is done through a simple sitemap.

A sitemap is nothing fancy by design. But the result is a powerful index of your pages that the search engines can view on the fly. In fact, when many spiders “crawl” your website, one of the first things they look for is a sitemap. This simplifies their job by showing all of the pages that you want indexed. Since the search engines follow the flow of pages by using the links between sites, by having simple links to every one of your pages in one location, you can help ensure the best odds when trying to get your content indexed.

When designing a sitemap, don’t put a lot of thought into layouts and templates. Yeah, it’s alright to put the sitemap in the same design as your site, but, in truth, you just want a list of links to every page, so don’t make it too complicated.

There are a number of tutorials on the web that can help you put together a presentable sitemap, but in my honest opinion, keep it simple!
Good Luck