Generating A Lot Of Inbound Links Fast

In the previous post, I mentioned that it is better for you to have more websites pointing to your site than it is for you to have a ton of outbound links. And if you do have a ton of outbound links it is better that the balance is in your favor (ie: have more inbound than outbound).

Trying to establish your website and your credibility in the market can be time consuming. And normal link exchanges are good, but they create an equal balance of links (same amount of inbound and outbound links). So how do you maximize your inbound links without having to waste a lot of time trying to get others to link to you and having those links be unreliable time after time? The answer is in what you already know.

No? Well, think about it. You have a website (often times a business behind that website), then that means you have something to say, and are at least knowledgeable in some area. So why not use that expertise to create link-backs? Thousands of webmasters are doing it already. How so, you ask?

Write an article!

You have knowledge and experience about a particular area. Writing an article is a good way to employ that expertise in improving your back-links. I say this from experience. When I first started one of my sites, I had no back-links, no index, nothing. In combination with what I did using forums (more on that later in this post), in less than 20 days, I had a total of 300 back-links! That was with a moderate effort.

So you’re interested, right? There’s some information that you need to know, of course. First, when you write an article, you are writing it with the express (sometimes) permission for others to reprint it for use in their newsletters, their websites, etc. You get the credit for the authorship, of course. And when the article is published, it has a link your website in the bio. That’s how it works.

Second, often times, you don’t know where it will be published unless the publisher contacts you to let you know. This isn’t always a bad thing because if it is a good article, there will be high demand for it and it’s a good way to spread your authority and create some buzz about you and your website.

Third, if you look back at what I mentioned about how successful I was, I mentioned that it was a moderate effort. I started with a new site, original content and sought for a way to spread some of my links far and wide without going overboard. Too often site owners think that with a good hard push, generating a lot of articles will give them the best exposure. I used to think this was the case when I started out learning about the effects of articles. But as I started to learn more about the search engine algorithms, I discovered that too many links generated in a short amount of time can often have a negative effect on your efforts.

When I am submitting articles for others to use as content, I tend to remain conservative as to how many articles I write in a said length of time. This helps to make sure that I don’t have a negative mark on my sites.

If you are interested in submitting articles for others to use, check out the following websites:

Each site has different recommendations for articles but in general they are similar. Just follow the guidelines set by the users and you are sure to have the best results.


Now I have to say that if you aren’t using part of your time during the day to improve your knowledge in what you do, you are at a standstill. Time and time again, I see others who tend to think they know all that there is to know about something and refuse to grow.

But if I told you that growing your knowledge can also help you with back-links, would you think differently? I already know your answer. If you don’t know about the power of forums (a.k.a. message boards) take a few minutes and search Google to learn about them. The reason I say this is because not only can you expand on your knowledge and the knowledge of others, but you can also produce quality back-links using these tools.

It’s like being able to access someone else site and manually put links to your site on them. It’s wonderful! There are some beneficial things you might want to consider if you are doing this though.

First, you want to start your posting on a forum that is related to the content on your site. That way, when you are conversing with people there, asking questions and providing advice, you are using your time to grow your knowledge and creating the back-links. It also helps if the page rank of the forum is higher than most. This will ensure faster indexing of your links.

Second, in order for you to get the full benefit, you need to make sure the forum that you are posting on is being indexed by the search engines. If the advice you are posting is not getting to the search engines, you aren’t doing yourself any good. Also, make sure that the signature lines of the posts are indexed as well. Some forums boast of the ability to hide your signature and thus remove any seo benefits to you

Third, make sure you can put your website in the signature block of your posts. That is what creates the links. Often times, when you are updating your forum profile, you can add the site to your signature line and have it automatically added to all of your posts. Once again, make sure that signature line can be indexed by the search engines.

One other thing: Referring back to my earlier comment about being conservative. I do believe that with forum posting, you should be conservative. But your goal should not be to improve your rankings with these posts. These are good ways to further solidify your bottom line as far as link-backs. Eventually, some of these posts will be dropped from the search engines and it’s difficult to determine when or why. But when you post, your goals should be to improve your knowledge and the knowledge of others so that everyone benefits.

Good Luck