Search Engine Marketing and How You Can Make a 6 Figure Income Using Your Site!

Outside of having a shopping cart and product sales on your website, is it possible to make money using your website? Yes! It is very simple to use your website as a vehicle for further profits.

Take, for instance, a website that has only content. This site is a great example. At the moment, you are reading this and I am not charging a penny information. In fact, in some cases, I don’t even ask you for your information before I let you have access to this information. That is what is called a content-only site. I am not selling anything.

You would think that there was no real way that I could make money off of just posting information to my daily blog, except there is. If you look to the right side at the top of this side toolbar, you’ll notice an advertisement. If you were to reload the page, there is a chance that the advertisement might change. At the bottom of the advertisement, you’ll notice some anchor text that says, “Ads provided by Google”.

Not to long ago, Google came out with a program called Adsense. This was to couple with their Adwords program. Both are at the opposite end of the spectrum and let me explain.

If I had a site and I was looking to promote it via online advertising I would sign up for Google Adwords. This is a program that takes your information and posts the ads on various websites that have content related to yours or posts them in the search results when someone searches using a keyword that you specify.

If I had a website that I was using that had a lot of visitors daily and I wanted to make money using those visitors, I would use Adsense. Being at the opposite end of the spectrum, Adsense is for web designers or webmasters that have content related to a certain area of expertise (say wedding photography, or search engine optimization), I would register and copy a small portion of code onto my site that would pull these ads from Google and post them on my website. When people see these ads and click through them, I would be able to make money, depending on the theme of the website.

Here’s the interesting thing. Google actually takes a look at your site and is able to tell the common theme of your website and thus posts ads that are tailored to that information. So if I had a website that was built around wedding photography, Google would automatically be able to determine that and post ads that were tailored to wedding photography. That is why when you look at my side bar, my ads that are sponsored by Google are tailored to search engine optimization.

Now this is a blog, and information can change daily. So if tomorrow, I decide to write about real estate rentals off the Florida Keys, it would automatically post ads pertaining to that niche and I would still be able to make money off of those ads.

A nice thing that Google adds to this program is the competitive ad filter. This is a filter that takes out all the ads of your competition. It’s like if I were a wedding photographer and I posted these on my site, with the competitive ad filter, I could make sure that my competitors ad don’t show up on my website. (although I see it as quite melancholy that you can make money off of your competitor).

Now this all depends on the payouts of certain keywords. It took me a little bit of time to be able to understand this key part. The theme you build your site around is what determines your payout. If I was a lawyer representing mesothelioma sufferers, I would be able to earn more per click through on those ads than I would if I was selling retainers online. It all depends on where the demand for that keyword is at. And the payouts for those keywords change daily. So I could build a site around mesothelioma and put these ads on it and one month later it could all be out of style.

I will tell you, there is a lot of information out there nowadays about Adsense. And it can be very confusing if not thoroughly researched. That’s why, you need to take advice from people who have been there and done it successfully. Have I conquered the Adsense war, no. I am not there yet, because I am just getting into it and learning all about it. But I do know many people who have made a very sizable living off of having these ads on their websites. These livings can range from it paying for a couple of cups of coffee a month to paying your monthly mortgage expense to allowing you to buy a $25,000 car every month because you have another $25,000 coming next month.

Using Adwords is very lucrative, but takes a lot of understanding, patience, traffic, and a themed website.

I know this topic has been off subject, but is still in the interest if making money using the search engines. I’ll let this semi-tirade continue for one more post before we continue on our subjects. And I have a lot of information to give to you! See you soon

Good Luck