From the top!

Okay, you have a website or you are working on a website (even if you are thinking of starting a website, this blog is for you)!

Search engines are tricky things. To the beginning designer it can appear almost impossible to understand them. So were going to break it down into easy to understand lessons so that you won’t feel lost.

A search engine works through what’s known as spiders. Spiders are small programs that “crawl” the internet, namely whatever the search engine has in it’s index. When the spiders crawl the web, they look at various parts of a website and gather data from it that can be added into it’s index. When you enter in a keyword into the search box at any search engine website, it examines it’s index and comes back with the most relevant information to your search.

The act of optimizing a website for these search engines involve tweaking the way information is presented and some of the hidden code to ensure the best placement in those search engines.

A few things before we begin. No seo tutorial will ever be able to ensure the best placement for your website in the search engines. Because the internet changes every minute, circumstances may change and/or competition for the top ranking may be extremely difficult. The information presented in this blog is meant to help you create the environment that is favorable for your success. And because Google is the most used and well known search engine available, many of our lessons will revolve around it.
Good Luck!